A little bit about

I’m Kelly-Anne and I am the “Creative Director” behind DarkLight Digital —  a design studio based in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.

I’ve found this industry is mostly populated by three types of people. Those who have:

  • strong tech skills who seem to produce sites that are technically great but look completely uninspiring
  • design skills who produce pretty sites but are prone to breaking and don’t convert
  • no idea what they are doing and are an embarrassment to the industry

You see, I’m not like your average designer, I sit outside the above groups. I have a unique set of skills for someone who runs a small design studio — I have 20+ years corporate IT experience as a Business Analyst and Systems Engineer, working with some of the largest names in the industry. I’ve also owned and run various small business over the last 15 years (everything from a boutique bottle shop to organic skincare to laser engraving services).

I am technically competent, understand business processes, have a flair for design and get the day to day challenges small business people face.

“In short, I create sites that are technically sound, fast, look great and help convert visitors into clients for your business.”